Book Reviews

Writing a review is a great way to make myself digest a book more deeply. Here are reviews of some books I’ve read:

The Power of Habit

3 minute read

Full of engaging stories and science-based insights, this book gives insight into your own and others’ habits - why we form them and how to change them.

The 4-Hour Work Week

5 minute read

An interesting read with some good ideas, but some dangerous ones too.

The Best Place to Work

2 minute read

Research-based insights on how to get workers to engage at work, and make the workplace better and happier.

Good Profit

2 minute read

A thought-provoking treatise on economics, management, and leadership from someone with a lot of business experience.

Beautiful Data

1 minute read

An interesting collection of disparate stories about data - how it is collected, analyzed, and presented.

Bowling Alone

2 minute read

A somber look at how American society has changed in the last century. Despite the incredible rise of communication technology, we are, unfortunately, more d...