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Tom Reitz
Hey there, I'm Tom Reitz. On this blog, you will find my book reviews, data analysis, technical articles, and other musings. Please contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi. I love meeting new people, building strong relationships, and having interesting conversations!
I work for Ballotpedia as Lead Developer and Solutions Architect. Since joining the company in 2013, I rebuilt our technical infrastructure to accommodate election-related traffic spikes of over 1M pageviews per hour. I also built a political information database and API which power our Sample Ballot Lookup and provide data to partners like Facebook and Twitter. I'm grateful I have the opportunity to do such meaningful work with technology and data, and to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans.
I also do consulting through my company Reitz Tech, which helps startups, non-profits, and small businesses to realize impactful technical projects.
My work is remote, but I choose to live in Madison, Wisconsin (where I grew up). Madison is a small but growing midwest city. It has beautiful lakes and parks, kind people, and lots of things to do. My wife and I own a home on the near-west side, where we enjoy cooking and entertaining friends.
In 2009, I earned a bachelor's degree in computer science and math from the University of Wisconsin, and in 2021, I completed a master's degree with emphasis in data science at the same institution.
Thanks for checking out my website. May you have joy and peace wherever you go in life!
Opinions on this website are my own.