StackOverflow Developer Survey 2019 Results

I love StackOverflow - I use it almost every day, usually multiple times each day. So I was excited when they recently released their annual Developer Survey results for 2019. I find this report very interesting because one of my current roles is lead developer.

Some interesting hightlights from the report include:

  • Javascript (including Node.js) is the most commonly-used programming language; Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages.
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL are the most commonly-used databases.
  • Many developers are using container service such as Docker.
  • Most developers code for fun in their spare time, in addition to at work.
  • Three quarters of professional developers have at least a bachelor's degree, and almost two thirds of developers with a bachelor's degree studied computer science, computer engineering, or software engineering.
  • Developers are lifelong learners; almost 90% of all developers say they have taught themselves a new language, framework, or tool outside of their formal education.
  • Three quarters of professional developers are under 35 years old; almost two thirds do not have children or dependents.
  • The most popular social networks among developers are Reddit and YouTube.
  • Over half of developers who responded to the survey had taken a new job in the past two years; frequent job changes are the norm for software developers.
  • Only 12% of developers say they work remote full-time.
  • Over a third of developers say that meetings distract them from productive work.
  • Only 10% of developers think that, in general, open-source software is of lower quality than proprietary software.
  • Over three quarters of developers routinely do code reviews; two-thirds spend 2-5 hours per week doing code reviews.
  • The most highly paid positions include engineering manager, site reliability engineer, dev-ops specialist, data scientist, data engineer, back-end developer, mobile developer, and full-stack developer.
  • Over half of developers work 40-44 hours per week.

This article was updated on April 22, 2019