Tom Reitz

Tom Reitz (16)

Tom Reitz is a lead developer and architect specializing in political data. He writes about technology, culture, and life.

The Effect of Redistricting

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a new census, a process required under the Constitution which involves surveying every household in the country to obtain updated population figures. Accurate data is important for numerous reasons, most notably for ensuring proper apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. According to the Constitution, every Representative must represent a roughly-equal number of constituents. As populations grow, die, or move…

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Resistance and Momentum

I've been thinking recently about workplace dynamics in terms of concepts from classical mechanics such as resistance (and related terms like friction or drag) and momentum (related to inertia). You've probably had the experience of having to do something at work that you don't enjoy, don't see the point of, and endlessly procrastinate. And maybe you're lucky enough to have experienced the opposite: something that's so exciting, interesting, and impactful…

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Working from Home

With the spread of COVID-19 driving many more people to work from home, I thought I'd share some of my tips for working from home (based on my 10+ years of experience): And to those people who cannot work from home — health care workers, truck drivers, store stockers, delivery drivers, and many others — a heart-felt thank you for the sacrifices you're making for the rest of us.

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Book Review: Bowling Alone

I've had Bowling Alone on my reading list since attending a servant leadership conference back in the summer of 2018 at Viterbo University, when one of the speakers mentioned it in his presentation. So I was happy when I was finally able to check it out from the library! In Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, author Robert Putnam presents an avalanche of evidence that Americans are becoming…

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Stalin, a Hero? I don't think so.

I came across this video from Vice recently: I find it rather shocking that a growing number of Russians view Joseph Stalin as a war hero and illustrious leader. This past summer, my wife and I traveled through Europe and saw firsthand much of the terrible history of World War II and its aftermath in places like Berlin, Paris, Lithuania, and St. Petersburg. That people could so quickly forget the evil, corruption, and…

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